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Browse the unique range of embroidered interiors ready to put a splash of colour in any corner of your home. Get in touch in case you are after a specific size or a more toned down colour palette!


I would like to hear from you!  Send me your comments or enquire about a possible commission or collaboration!!

Maybe a different size of one of the available pieces?


Is there any part of your home you would like to transform into a wall hanging piece or would you like to instead gift your friend an interior space they love? Enquire about a custom order.



Hand embroidered interiors by Yellow Tulip Crafts are one-of-a-kind illustrations.


The designs come from my passion for beautiful decorative objects, design, charming homes with their unique interiors and much more, but above all from my love of bright colour. It is needless to say that all these elements are combined with my devotion to embroidery, a craft I have always been drawn to.


My interiors, full of intricate details and plenty of textured work, start when I paint a watercolour background on a light canvas used for oil paintings. I then use pencil to draw my initial design before I add painted objects and textured hand embroidery.


Each interior is unique. My aim is to invoke a sense of playfulness and an inviting atmosphere which the customer will cherish. My customers comment that the pieces fill them with joy and bring life to their galleries.


Commissions are welcome, whether you desire an existing interior in a different colour combination or size, or if you are after a new embroidered custom made piece based on a photo.


*Please visit my gallery for interiors inspired by real rooms.                                                      



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